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Matrimonial and Wedding Portal



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Jul 17 , 2018

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Matrimonial websites, or marriage websites, are standard dating websites, specifically for people with focus on marriage rather than simply dating. Matrimonial sites are especially popular in India and among Indians settled abroad, as an alternative to the traditional marriage broker. As per the general result has shown that young men and women in India generally do not feel any obsession to date since earlier dating has not been a part of the Indian culture history.

Our Matrimonial Portal Solution:

  •  It’s easy and inexpensive to start and manage it in the long term.
  •  A typical matrimonial web site can be setup and launched within 20-25 days from the day you decide to start the project with us.
  •  Payment Gateway Integration
  •  We can provide web hosting services as well, so you don't need to worry about booking domain name, hosting server, email ids etc.

Features and Scope:

  •  Excellent Website Designing with perfect combination of Colors
  •  Admin Panel Development with multiple features.

Guest User/ Register User

  •  Quick Registration
  •  Membership Feature(Free or Paid)
  •  Search for perfect Match for groom/ bride
  •  Profile Creations
  •  Updating Profile details
  •  Many More Feature as per Client Requirement.

Site Admin

  •  Fully Customized and manages Admin’s Area.
  •  CMS (Content Management System).
  •  Editable membership Plans.
  •  Membership Approval
  •  Member Conversion Free to Paid
  •  Automated Emails will be sent to the User and ADMIN on registration.
  •  Many More Feature as per Client Requirement.